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About SWMW

How We Began

We formed SWMW Law out of the desire to be independent and have the freedom to do the right thing for our clients. The SWMW Law founding partners had previously worked together for various other law firms, where we gained valuable experience taking on mesothelioma, personal injury, and other cases in which innocent people were harmed by the negligence of others.  With a combined four decades of legal experience, the partners of SWMW Law have developed the ability to easily identify the hurdles defendants like to place in the way of our clients recovering for their losses, and the skill to effortlessly overcome those obstacles.

Each of our partners brought a unique set of legal experiences and skills to SWMW Law that is simply unbeatable when integrated. While Ben and Matt have each spent over a decade gaining increasingly significant experience with all aspects of asbestos cases, Steve has had nearly as long, and a much broader history of representing individuals and their families seeking justice in other types of cases. Matt and Ben supervised teams of lawyers working closely with clients to uncover their asbestos exposures and learn their life stories. And all of our partners have spent good portions of our legal careers arguing cases in courtrooms throughout the United States.

While we were very successful attorneys at previous law firms, we were not happy with the way clients were typically “processed” though some of their one-size-fits-all type of systems. We wanted to create a more personal approach to working with clients that focused on making sure we understood their fears, concerns, and goals. We take the extra steps to map out and explain exactly what SWMW Law can do to meet our clients’ expectations, and then keep them informed every step of the way. We are with our clients from File to Trial – that’s our promise.

We don’t see clients as cases, but as people. Every client has a unique story to tell, and deserves to have it heard. We built SWMW Law to help clients achieve justice, with care and compassion at the core.

Why We Fight the Good Fight

We can never overlook the tragic fact that most of our clients diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer are living on borrowed time.  We’ve lost too many good clients, good friends, good husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, grandparents, sons and daughters to mesothelioma – which is an absolutely avoidable disease. The only reason anyone has mesothelioma is because asbestos companies did nothing to protect their workers or customers from a well-known risk. This has created an occupational health disgrace.

The very callousness of these asbestos companies that chose to save a few pennies but risk the health of millions is exactly what drives us to take the extra step, make the next call, and press harder to make sure we’re achieving the best recoveries for our clients. Knowing our clients are counting on us to make the difference for them makes the difference for us.

Some clients struggle just to pay a heating bill, to afford their medications, or even to put groceries on their table. Others are overwhelmed with medical bills and navigating the complex health insurance system. They worry about what’s going to happen to their family after they’re gone.

For most of our clients, we’re the first and last attorneys they’ll ever deal with, so we strive every day to make sure that we do everything we can to help them through these stresses they should never have had to bear. We work diligently, so our clients can focus the time they have on taking care of their health and their families.

When we “win” a case, we’re very aware that there really is no winner. We can’t give people back their health. We can’t give them their loved ones who have been taken from them. And of course, no matter how much money we are able to negotiate for our clients, not one of them would consider it a win to miss the next warm hug, the next white Christmas, or the next golden anniversary with their loved ones.

We wish we could win like that. But success in these cases is more about guiding our clients so that they understand the legal process, and know that at the end of it, we’ve done exactly what they expected us to do.  Our best win is the case that ends with an honest, heart-felt thank-you for a job well done.

From File to Trial, We Work as a Team to Take Care of Our Clients

Teamwork is a huge part of SWMW’s success. We work together extremely well, not just because we’re each highly skilled at what we do, but because we’re passionate about doing the right thing for our clients. We’re working for people we’ve come to know and really care about. We know what’s at stake for them.

When we take your case, we put our best people to work immediately in areas in which they excel. We have a medical department gathering supporting medical information and coordinating expert reports. We have lawyers and paralegals working quickly on filing your complaint, which is usually done within two weeks. Our teams of attorneys and paralegals rapidly begin digging into how you were exposed, who is responsible, and then crafting the legal arguments to maximize the recovery in your case.

Every step of the way, from file to trial, is efficiently and effectively handled by a skillful, caring team of professionals who are singularly driven to deliver justice to you and your family. Our teamwork and dedication has produced a record of success.